Side City is a digital production environment with multidisciplinary expertise and an approach as unique as its location in historic Old Montreal. The place where creations come to life and are marketed – the working conditions and quality of life – are all vital to the excellence of our services.

Our production teams are outstanding professionals who work in constant synergy. They unite rapid execution with meticulous attention to detail to meet the company’s high standards of quality. Our specialists are recruited according to a painstaking selection process. To ensure continued synergy and a multidisciplinary approach, we hire only those most likely to integrate well with our existing teams.

Working at Side City studios is widely considered a privilege. Our artists are known as the best, as are their sophisticated creations. All combine artistic talent with technical prowess in their varied fields: design, scripting, illustration, graphics, 3D, editing and animation. These same essential qualities distinguish our project managers, coordinators, team leaders, artistic and technical directors, programmers and integrators.


Our approach to work is based on two strengths: First, we maintain close relationships with our clients, which has fostered loyalty. The method is foolproof: to maintain our clients’ trust in us, we provide them with quality productions that meet their expectations on all counts. But the best proof of the success of our approach is the reaction – Wow! – to our presentations and our seamless processes to complete a production. Our clients can focus on their own tasks because they know they are supported by a highly motivated team.

Second, we make full use of our knowledge and experience by combining our expertise in 3D, video games, HD production and new media. We both embrace advances in technology that could benefit various sectors of the industry, and capitalize on our curiosity and passion to discover new fields of application. This is what we refer to as our technological creativity. The more we work closely on projects with our partner clients, the more we jointly develop new fields of expertise that improve and broaden our range of services.

This partnership with clients has enabled us to break into a variety of markets:

– Games of chance for lottery corporations and casinos
– High-definition (HD) interactive video and television production
– Visual scenography
– Digital cinema
– Digital signage
– Video games on console, PC and online
– Games and applications for the iPhone
– Related online products


Our production methodology is based on many years of experience, from which we developed reliable and flexible work processes. Ongoing advances in technology require that we frequently adjust our work processes and spur new needs for our clients to create new products. We adapt quickly to meet their needs and offer them solutions.

We are fully aware of the advantages of having our own management tools to keep pace with advances in technology. Our production processes are managed entirely with software created and maintained by our developers.

Integration tools simplify our artists’ work by minimizing repetitive actions and errors, freeing them to focus on the creative.

Management tools enable more consistent production monitoring on several levels: planning, job descriptions and assignments, deadlines, work progress, scripting and technical editing of projects, project management and validation. Since all communication and information is collected in one location, it can easily be accessed by our clients at any time. Access is fully secured using personal accounts and permissions.

Production follow-up takes place in real time. A product is therefore monitored several times a day, from inception to completion, from its smallest components from validation and delivery. This increases the efficiency and thoroughness of work processes, reduces the risk of error and lost time, and maximizes product quality control.

Our work environment is fully secure, and we guarantee our clients the utmost confidentiality on all projects. We apply strict rules to protect confidential information, copyrights and intellectual property.